""Black Scholes" : Dark Money
Cross Pollination
     best describes the way I move through multiple platforms and disciplines, picking from each that which provides the best solution, spanning both the digital and analog

Digital Sculpting          Photography
2D & 3D Printing          CNC Milling
Wood and Metalworking

Producing Prints on Paper & Sculptures in Wood / Metal

"Black Scholes"
            3 inch diameter sculpture
Current Sculptural Work In Progress
Dark Money

"Dont Take Any Wooden Nickels"
An early 20th century slogan suggesting one should be careful in one's dealings.
The Wooden Nickel being the focus here, as in its history, it has been issued
a commemorative, a token, a souvenir, and as real Emergency Currency.

Paper Money has not always been considered legitimate, and has had to have its value
reinforced by hard to counterfeit Watermarks, Guilloche patterns,

implanted preciousness metal bars and Holograms.

No longer backed by the Governmental storage of Gold,
it's over printing again calls it into question.

I attempt to leverage these familiar elements of Currency and Trade to create
representations of the more vaporous concepts in International Finance.

Concepts that are clearly defined in Legalese and Mathematics,

yet lack any coherent public description.

"Dark Money" is a series of sculptures
that takes you on a journey which spans 2000 years,
from the Silk Road to the Mortgage collapse.

Each sculpture is created from Hardwood
(Mexican Royal Ebony), Brass, and Graphite.

Digitally sculpted by hand, and translated
into the real world via CNC milling.

The Graphite Finish brings additional symbolism to the works,

as here it represents a Lubricant.

Financial Speak is loaded with references to slippery, liquid, viscous activity
a way of describing the manner in which money acts,

moves through the system, is distributed, and is hidden.

Abatement  -  Above Water

Adhesion  -  Anchoring

Water Line  -  Currents
Flow - Leakage  -  Launder
Liquidation  -  Volume
Wash  -  Wave  -  Wet

Waterfall  -  Watered